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Learn about internet data usage

Enjoy up to 1 TB of data every month

What you can do with 1 TB of data?

Keep a family full of gamers, TV buffs and social media stars happy. Check out some specific examples:


Watch 90 two-hour movies in high definition

Work from home

Work from home for 8 hours every weekday

Web browsing

Surf the web for 1,000 hours


Jam out to 7,500 four-minute songs  

Checking your data usage

Keep an eye on your data

Want to know how much data you’ve used this month? Here are a few ways:

Download the Cox app

Check your account anytime, anywhere

Download the Cox app to view and pay bills, check TV listings, get 24/7 support, find wifi hotspots and more—just sign in with your User ID and Password. Learn more about the Cox app


Download Cox App on the App Store icon in colorDownload Cox App From Google Play Store

Data alert messages

Know when you’re running low

You can get text messages, browser alerts or emails when you’ve used 85%, 100% and 125% of your monthly data plan. Simply go to My Profile to verify your email address and opt-in to text message alerts.  


Get the most from your data 

Want to learn how to get the most from your data plan? Check out these tips:


Measuring your data usage

Know where your data goes  

Wondering what uses the most data? Here are some helpful guidelines:


Activities that use the most data  

Activities like streaming 4K and HD video content (like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime), online gaming, and use of doorbell and security cameras can use a large amount of data.

You're in control

Many activities that use a lot of data provide options to reduce the amount of data that is used.  Things like disabling auto-play on streaming apps and changing video camera settings can save on data usage.

Data usage FAQs

Have more questions about using your data? Here are some answers:  

Yes, most ISPs have similar policies in place. As people have changed how they use data, Cox Internet service plans provide the same great service as data usage continues to grow.

No. Public or commercial wifi hotspots, including Cox Wifi and CableWifi hotspots, don’t count toward your data plan.  

The Data Usage Meter usually updates in the early morning to show usage through the previous day.

You have a monthly usage cycle that will start and end on the same dates each month. Usage cycle dates are slightly different than the date on your bill and are located on the data usage meter.  

Explore more Internet

Looking for more?  

Learn about using your data and your services

Internet service details. All services and plans subject to Cox Residential Customer Service Agreement (including arbitration provisions) and Acceptable Use Policy (including Cox’s right to terminate service for abuse of network). See Annual Notice information for related information and your privacy rights as a Cox customer. For all Cox Communications policies regarding our services and business practices visit www.cox.com/aboutus/policies.html.

All Cox Internet plans include 1 TB (1024 GB) per month of data usage. Unlimited and 500 GB Additional Data Plans can be added for an additional monthly charge. Data usage in excess of plan may result in a $10 charge for up to 50 GB of additional data and for each additional 50 GB block thereafter, except for Unlimited Data Plan subscribers. Unused data does not roll over. See also Speeds and Data Plans Information for High Speed Internet Service in your area for details. See cox.com/datausage for complete data usage details.

Prices, and/or when applicable, contracts, may differ from those presented here as a result of existing customer pricing, customer's specific service address, and/or contract related updates. Installation fees may apply. Other restrictions may apply.